The following is a paper by H. Aspden published in Physics Letters, v. 110A, pp. 113-115 (1985).


Abstract: A minimal energy requirement of a neutral electrical lattice is that it is permeated by virtual muon pairs and electron-positron pairs. Photon radiation arises from sub-lattice spin. The theory gives a theoretical value for the fine-structure constant in precise accord with its experimental value.

Commentary: For the first time, since developing the formula for the fine-structure constant in any of his published work, that is since the presentation of the 1959 text of 'The Theory of Gravitation', the author here publishes the direct equation linking the fine-structure constant α with the virtual muon/electron mass ratio mmu/me. The equation is:

α-1 = hc/2πe2 = [3(144)5π6(3/2)3mμ/me]l/8

The author had deduced from the [1972a] derivation that mμ/me has the value 206.3329. The subject paper discussed the possibility that this mass ratio might be 206.3333 by virtue of one third of the virtual muon pairs being of integer electron value 207 and two thirds being of value 205. This gives α-1 as 137.035950, which compared with a referenced 1982 measurement of 137.035965(12).