The following is a paper jointly authored by H. Aspden and D. M. Eagles and published in Physics Letters, v. 41A, pp. 423-424 (1972).


Abstract: The results of a recomputation of a previously published theory for the fine structure constant α are presented. A new feature of the theory is then shown to determine the value of α-1 as 108π(8/1843)(l/6) or 137.035915, a figure in agreement with the observed value of 137.03602±1½ parts per million.

Commentary: This paper was jointly-authored with Dr. D. M. Eagles of the National Standards Laboratory in Australia. The author had been in correspondence with Dr. Eagles, who took the trouble to check the mathematics and computation of alpha based on the author's 1969 account [1969b]. The precision of this result inspired this author to suggest the particle space quantization feature discussed in the paper, which was used extensively in later work. In spite of the title including the emotive word 'Aether', the paper was accepted for publication. It was written by Dr. Eagles and submitted from the National Standards Laboratory with the approval of the Laboratory Director. This paper was, therefore, a landmark in the charting of events concerning the development of the author's theory.

13 years later in 1985, B. W. Petley (National Physical Laboratory in U.K.) in his authoritative work: 'The Fundamental Constants and the Frontier of Measurement' referred to the paper using the words:

" No doubt the theoretical attempts to calculate α will continue - possibly with a Nobel prize winning success. Aspden and Eagles obtained
α-1 = 108π(8/1843)1/6."