The following is a paper by H. Aspden published in Lettere al Nuovo Cimento, v. 40, pp. 53-57 (1984).


Abstract: Photon emission from a cubic lattice in the resonant cavity of an electron implies a specific symmetry in particle groupings involved in boson creation. On this theory the charge W boson at 82.0 Gev is the only proton-based resonance state between 40 Gev and 130 Gev, and the neutral Z boson found at 96 Gev implies the existence of the long-predicted 2.587 Gev primary constituent of the subquantum medium which mediates in gravitational interaction.

Commentary: This paper is important in that it provides a convenient reference to the author's early derivation of the formula for G, the constant of gravitation, and the author's derivation of the fine structure constant.

The theme of the paper links the graviton with the neutral Z boson, and this set the author on course for the later discovery that the neutral Z boson is connected with the 'supergraviton'. The latter heavy virtual particle cluster form of the gravity mediator appears in matter of high atomic or molecular composition. It plays a role also in the phenomenon of 'warm superconductivity' [1989a] and it is here that we see another entry point to the regenerative energy technology theme which has now become the subject of the author's attention.

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