The following is a U.S. Patent granted to Harold Aspden with an issue date of March 31, 1998.

US PATENT NO 5,734,122


Abstract: Apparatus is disclosed in which a pair of elongated solid cylindrical metal conductors mounted with their central axes mutually parallel are connected at their ends to form a closed electrical circuit path, there being heat sinks at spaced positions along their length which serve as heat transfer means setting up a temperature gradient along the lengths of the conductors. A strong electrical current flow in the conductors creates a circumferential magnetic field in the metal directed at right angles to the heat flow and this, by the Nernst Effect, produces a radial electric field gradient in the metal coupled with the transient accumulation of stored electrical energy. The apparatus disclosed serves for the experimental testing of energy conversion and storage by thermoelectric processes occurring in the metal and the ultimate utilization of the technology involved.