The following is an abstract of Energy Science Report No. 3 by H. Aspden published by Sabberton Publications in 1997.


This is a 39 page report. The subject of the report has already been introduced in describing the scope of Report No. 2. Neither Report No. 2 nor Report No. 3 is intended for general readers interested in Energy Science. Both reports are specifically intended as technical briefings for those expert in thermoelectrics and actively interested in new product development. The reports are aimed at encouraging R&D on a project which needs follow-through development, preferably by a corporate laboratory. Neither of the original inventors can take the invention further except by cooperation with others who assert their own initiatives. The first 16 pages of this Report No. 3 comprise a 1997 update suggesting the way forward for R&D. Pages 17-39 are simply research notes dating from the period 1994, outlining the research in prospect at that time. The 1994 status of the main project, as specifically related to the patented devices built by Scott Strachan, is essentially the subject of Report No. 2 . Such material as dates from 1994, though disclosed in confidence to sponsoring interests, is now made available in these 1997 publications of Reports Nos 2 and 3. Publication date March 31st 1997.

The full text of this Report can be seen via the following link: REPORT No. 3