The following is a U.K. Patent granted to Harold Aspden on May 8, 1996 with a first publication date of December 6, 1995.

U.K. PATENT NO. 2,289,994


Abstract: A magnetic reluctance motor has a salient pole rotor 3 interacting with stator poles 1, 2 to form a machine operating on the magnetic reluctance principle. The machine incorporates a shaded-pole feature by introducing an angle of inclination between laminar structures forming the rotor and stator cores. This performs eddy-current screening restricting magnetic flux transit between poles as they separate. It allows the magnetic attraction between poles during the approach phase to drive the motor.

This patent is based on the same disclosure as that of U.K. Patent No. 2,287,134. The tilted stator poles provide the shaded-pole feature, whereas the other patent concerns the feature of the single solenoidal winding 5 which is powered to drive the machine.