This is one of a series of 10 Energy Science Reports made available by the author through U.K. company Energy Science Limited, under the publishing name Sabberton Publications.


This Report was first published by the author in 1994 and was reissued later and made more generally available from Sabberton Publications as ISBN 0 085056 0217 in October 1996. It is now made available freely via this Internet facility. It concerns theory pertaining to the creation and properties of deuterons which, as present in atoms in heavy water, deuterium oxide, are involved in the experiments which gave birth to the notion of 'cold fusion'. The technology of that field is slow to develop and, though the author did plan to write a Part II Report as a sequel to this report, which is entitled POWER FROM WATER: COLD FUSION: PART I, this has not materialized. This Report nevertheless is an important contribution to the theory of the subject, also because it explains how the triton, the third isotope of hydrogen is created. It is worthy of study as an adjunct to the author's latest work, the book: The Physics of Creation, because the latter explains in updated detail how the proton itself, the primary isotope of hydrogen is created. For this reason it is given priority in updating this website by now adding progressively each of these ten Energy Science Reports as they are withdrawn from normal printed publication. It should be noted that the book just referenced is a substantial work and should not be confused with Appendix A of this Report, which has the same title. The latter featured as a 12 page Chapter 4 in the author's book GRAVITATION, published in 1975, which gives an early insight into what has now become a 28 year-old account of the origin of proton creation. .......... Harold Aspden, 1 June 2003

The full text of this Report can be seen via the following link: REPORT No. 5