The following is a U.S. Patent granted to Harold Aspden with an issue date of December 27, 1994

US PATENT NO 5,376,184


Abstract: Heat transfer apparatus, whether in panel or tubular form, comprises bimetallic all-ferromagnetic laminations (4). A temperature differential causes thermoelectric current circulation (in effect, a d.c. eddy-current) within each lamination which develops a magnetizing H-field. The ferromagnetic B-field enhancement develops in turn a circulating diamagnetic reaction current which traverses the bimetallic junction interfaces to generate Peltier action which causes an overriding thermal feedback and bistable direction-of-heat-flow operation. Control involves the priming action of an applied magnetic field or preheating by electrical resistors (5) in the heat sinks (1, 2). Application in a thermally powered electric transformer generator is described.

This patent is a counterpart of U.K. Patent 2,267,995 [1993b]