The following is a paper by H. Aspden published in New Energy Technology, Proceedings of a 1988 Symposium held by the Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Ottawa/Hull, Canada, pp. 1-12 (1990).


Abstract: The thought of extracting energy from a hidden but active field environment more plentiful than air or water is rejected outright by orthodox scientists. Yet there are sound scientific reasons for expecting that we should be able to extract 'free energy' from that hidden field.

Commentary: This was the first occasion on which the author spoke to a conference audience about the possibility of tapping 'free energy' from the aether medium. 1988 was the year in which the author turned his attentions to technological possibilities developing from his theoretical work. In a sense, 1988 was the year in which the author began to think less in terms of 'Aether Science' and more in terms of 'Energy Science'. The topic of the paper was presented in general terms. The author had in mind the subject of the article that was to be published in the weeks following the conference [1988e], namely 'The Vacuum as our Future Energy Source'. However, also discussed was the theme that 'warm superconductivity' could ultimately be a source of 'free energy' and the author became resolved to enlarge in that theme in his further writings.