The following is a paper by H. Aspden published in Physics Essays, v. 3, pp. 39-45 (1990).


Abstract: The effect of energy in standing waves upon the component wave velocities is discussed. The Silvertooth experiment, using a specially constructed photo detector that can scan along a standing optical wave with anomalous results, is shown to have a possible explanation which suggests that the energy can affect wave velocity. The technological implications of the Silvertooth experiment are of sufficient consequence to warrant further investigation.

Commentary: Silvertooth had given a quite convincing account to the author describing an experiment by which Silvertooth had, in an enclosed laboratory experiment, detected motion at near to 400 km/s through space. The experiment had not been reported as verified by eye-witnesses able to authenticate Silvertooth's findings. However, if confirmed, those findings clearly had a dramatic effect on the author's endeavours to promote an aether-based theory. Accordingly, the author prepared his position, as expressed in the above paper, and has waited patiently to hear of confirmation or otherwise of the Silvertooth position. The author's plan to write an updated and definitive version of a book about the aether has been delayed partly owing to that possibility. Now, in present circumstances and with the strength of the position refuting Einstein's theory expressed earlier in this work, the author has been obliged to assume that the Silvertooth experiment could well be destined to remain an unresolved issue. If it were to be refuted then the author's account of the aether properties in governing the speed of light will stand on the case presented in 'Physics Unified' . If the Silvertooth experiment were to be confirmed, then the aether theory advocated here would hold its ground, but some questions would arise as to why other experiments give the results they do. It would take many years for those issues to clarify.

Accordingly, since the theme of 'Energy Science' spurs the author forward in his own venture and our energy future is a prime issue confronting physical science today, the questions raised by this author in the subject paper on the Silvertooth experiment are left as open issues.

The full text of this paper may also be seen in PDF format as Paper No. 12 in the author's 1996 book Aether Science Papers which is of record in the author's website http://www.haroldaspden.com.