The following is a paper by H. Aspden published in Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, v. 28, pp. 535-536 (1987).


Commentary: The author here drew attention to the article [1978d] in which he had discussed the experimental evidence which showed that earthquake conditions could disturb the aether. The essential point here was that atmospheric conditions which could distort frequency-modulated radio waves but not amplitude-modulated radio waves meant that the carrier medium, the aether, was subjected to shock vibrations.

The energy in transit was not affected but the speed of transit was affected. This had been noticed in radio reception in Switzerland as affecting radio transmission from England during an earthquake in Italy. It was also seen as relevant that earthquakes deep underground develop E.M. radio disturbance on the surface but E.M. radio waves propagating under normal conditions at the surface do not penetrate more than a few metres of the Earth's crust.

This is an example where doctrinaire belief in Einstein's theory has led to a cosmology that denies the existence of the aether and that precludes belief of what the author is saying here about the possibility of sensing earthquakes by radio waves before the ground-propagated shock wave arrives.