The following is a paper by H. Aspden published in JOURNAL OF METEOROLOGY, v. 10, pp. 376-380 (1985).


Abstract: This paper discusses some rather speculative aspects of possible electrical phenomena that might be present in tornadoes formed in thunder conditions. Particular reference is made to arc discharge phenomena in which unusually high forces and rotation about the discharge axis are in evidence.

Commentary: The author argues that the aether in a state of spin inside the tornado funnel is the primary actor in the accounting for the energy and power behind the tornado. This is discussed at some length, but scientists are not persuaded by such argument because they have been taught not to believe in the existence of the aether. It was for this reason that the last few lines of this article quoted the words of a report of a tornado storm:

"The unusual direction of tornado motion, compared with the 'normal' eastward movement of storms, as well as with individual storm movements on the day, would hardly fit the expectations of a trained radar operator. As one of the eyewitnesses said, 'the storm went East, while the tornado cloud went West'."

If the energy and power driving the tornado was traveling West and the air involved in the storm was traveling East, then that energy was clearly concentrated in a medium that could move through the air. The aether is the only known medium recognized in science history having such a property!