The following is a Letter to the Editor by H. Aspden published in Physics Today, p. 15 (November 1984).


Commentary: Victor F. Weisskopf, in an article in Physics Today (November, 1981, p. 69), had declared that in spite of the triumph of Dirac's quantum electrodynamics "we have no explanation for the mass of the electron, that is, the smallness of the ratio 1/1836 between the electron mass and the proton mass." This author saw this as an unreasonable statement having regard to his efforts to draw attention to the fact that since 1975 there had been a clear record of such an explanation provided by this author's theory in a leading scientific periodical [1975a].

This Physics Today article gave the simple muon correlation which the author's theory had provided and noted that the theoretical value of 1836.1523 compared quite well with the Van Dyck, Moore and Schwinberg measurement of 1836.152470(80). It was, therefore, gratifying to see that these author's saw fit to mention this when their full report on that measurement was later published in 1985. It may be noted that here we have very clear evidence of the attitudes of establishment science. Because they have been unable to extend to other fields the theoretical techniques on which they have made progress in one field, they refuse to pay attention to a successful theory which applies to those other fields. In other words, rather than retreat and abandon what they have taken as a correct theory, they would rather pretend that there is no theory that can meet their requirements. In order to hold faith with a specialist QED concept, they have spurned the one unified theory that can explain gravitation, the fine structure constant, the proton-electron mass ratio, the properties and role of the muon, the properties of the pion etc.

The author feels that, having had his theory of the proton referenced in Physics Today, which is the premier magazine circulated to the physics community in U.S.A., there is really no excuse for that community ignoring the theory. This is why the author has abandoned effort to reason and educate by offering scientific journals papers for referee review and has turned attention to the regenerative energy technology field in an effort to make the necessary breakthrough. Physicists in academia will have to admit the aether exists once it delivers energy to illuminate their way through what they see as an impenetrable mathematical four-space jungle.