The following is a paper by H. Aspden published in Lettere al Nuovo Cimento, v. 37, 169-172 (1983).


Abstract: The scope for determining absolute gravitational potential P is discussed. It is shown from two quite distinct methods, one relying on data from electron g-factor measurements and the other on the 3K cosmic background data, that the absolute value of P at the Earth's surface is only 8% greater than that due to the mass of the solar system. It is inferred that gravitation has a range of action limited to a distance of a few hundred light years.

Commentary: This paper is an extremely important paper from the viewpoint of cosmology. The subject was introduced in the author's 1980 book 'Physics Unified', but its importance to our understanding of galaxies and the nature of the universe can not be underestimated. In particular, from a futuristic viewpoint, whereas the author dismisses the Einstein syndrome of time dilation, with its imaginary time distortion that can cause us to think of twins aging at different rates, the author's theory points us towards a destiny of catastrophe.

Space is seen as comprising very large domains defining zones separating matter and anti-matter and what we may term aether and anti-aether, meaning electric polarity reversal in traversing the space domain boundaries. Gravitation forces will not act in the normal sense across such boundaries. When, eventually, the Earth crosses such a boundary on the next occasion, we will witness a delayed reversal of the Earth's magnetic field but experience the sudden shock waves of mammoth earthquake disruption. The latter catastrophic events occur with varying degrees of severity in long duration cycles as a function of the oblique angle at which the solar system crosses carries the plane of the Earth's orbit through a space domain boundary. As a result there is a correlation between geological and cosmological events in the Earth's history. See the author's references [1977c, 1978a].

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