The following is a paper by H. Aspden published in Lettere al Nuovo Cimento, v. 36, pp. 364-368 (1983).


Abstract: The author's recently reported anomalous g-factor evaluations for the electron and the muon, based on a model charge centred in a cavity resonating at the Compton frequency, are here supported by an analysis of the Lamb shift using the same model.

Commentary: It was in 1982 that the author decided to take early retirement from his professional patent career with IBM and was allowed for a period before retirement in May 1983 to work full time on developing his theory. IBM then provided financial support for the author's retirement research project at the University of Southampton for a transitional period. Readers will see, therefore from the spate of scientific papers now listed that such full time efforts were rewarded by rapid progress in the development of the theory.

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