The following is a paper by H. Aspden published in Energy Unlimited, v. 8, pp. 37-40 (1980).


Commentary: The author here indulges in a strong expression of opinion on the evidence of the energy which powers the thunderball phenomenon. The concept of a sphere of aether in a state of spin is seen as having a cosmic connection in that comets are such large scale manifestations. The energy density of the Tungusta event which devastated a large region in Siberia in June 1908 is compared with that of the thunderball and analysis presented to show the aether connection. Under the section heading 'New Energy Source', the author points to the new horizons in energy technology that open up if vast amounts of energy are stored in a spin state of the vacuum medium and controllably released after transferring the 'object' from its generating source and through the housing of apparatus to its seat of application.