The following is a paper by H. Aspden published in Catastrophist Geology, v. 3/2, pp. 1-2 (1978).


Commentary: This was a response to comment by E. W. Crew on the author's earlier paper [1977c]. That earlier paper had discussed the author's space domain theory and the consequences of boundary crossings upsetting gravitation at intervals between periods of geological time, the latter having been first introduced in the author's 1972 book 'Modern Aether Science'. Crew stated that the author had not considered the effects on planetary orbits.

By this response the author calculated the effect on the eccentricity of a planetary orbit that could be expected from a single domain crossing. It was shown that the author's prediction of catastrophic effects owing to G fluctuations at times of a space domain crossing was in no way disproved by the existing data for the elliptical orbits of the planets.