The following is a paper by H. Aspden (using an alias name J. N. Kidman) published in Lettere al Nuovo Cimento, v. 18, pp. 181-182 (1977).


This paper shows a way of deriving the theoretical formula for the anomalous perihelion motion of a planet, exactly the same as that developed from Einstein's four-space theory, but based on an extremely simple proposition founded in classical physics. The paper is a mere two pages in length and should be read in its full non-abstracted form as a PDF file 1977e

The reason why this paper was authored by an alias is that I wondered whether my many submissions of papers for publication, inevitably followed by referee rejection, had classified me as someone whose ideas were not to be encouraged. I wanted to test the water, as it were, by writing from a different personal (not business and non-academic) address and using a different name. This paper was promptly accepted and so I drew the conclusion that at least it was not the use of my home address that was obstructing acceptance, though my experience later, as well in my early university days, was that an address that implied a scientific environment was, indeed, as important as the merit of the paper itself.