The following is a reference to a book by H. Aspden published by Sabberton Publications in 1972.


This book comprises 165 pages. The book follows the author's 'Physics without Einstein' published in 1969 (now out of print). It is an attack on those abstract philosophical principles which are impeding the development of physics. Also, the author records progress made in expanding the physics of the earlier book, particularly on the formation of the solar system, the stability and structure of the atomic nucleus, and the periodic reveesals of the earth's magnetism. The treatment is deliberately non-mathematical, inasmuch as a basic comprehension of the universe need not be founded in mathematics. It is shown that the aether has to be revived for complete understanding of physical science.

A mathematical extension of the new ideas presented in this work has been published separately under the title of 1996b

Both Modern Aether Science and Aether Science Papers are of record on the author's website http://www.haroldaspden.com.