Copyright Harold Aspden, 1998
In this section of these Web pages I present a sequence of questions which I will do my best to answer. They will be questions which warrant comment and some will be on topics which could be quite controversial. They may concern issues having no clear answer but which need to be discussed. I expect that most of the questions will aim to fill the gaps in the theoretical contributions which I have already put on record elsewhere. Also I will address questions of current research, though any primary activity of that nature will feature in the RESEARCH FORUM Web pages that aim to interest those of a more academic disposition who wish to build on similar theoretical foundations.


QUESTION NO. 1: Is Energy Quantized?
QUESTION NO. 2: Is there Energy in Space?
QUESTION NO. 3: How much Energy is there in the Aether?
QUESTION NO. 4: Who thinks the Michelson-Morley Experiment proves there is no Aether?
QUESTION NO. 5: What is a Neutrino?
QUESTION NO. 6: The Physics of Space-Time?