by Harold Aspden
In this section of these Web pages I will be responding to comments I have received from readers of my Web pages. I cannot respond to all such comments in this way, but since I have launched a series of Tutorial Notes as an educational exercise I am obliged to stand by what I have said and answer questions. Hopefully, as these Web pages develop, many of these questions will be answered in the Lectures and Essays which I have yet to add. Hopefully, too, since my object is to encourage others to build on what I say and develop the subject, there will come the time when I can relax a little as the scientific community comes to see the need for putting the study of the aether back on the scientific agenda. Meanwhile, I say 'Thank you' to my readers and will use this section of my web pages to answer questions and, where appropriate, reply to criticism. As can be seen there has been a long period during which I have been silent in updating this Feedback section. Hopefully I shall be able to give this activity more attention in future.

10/02: Another Response to Tony Erickson
Here I make a final response to further criticism levied by Tony Erickson, adding to the response I made as FEEDBACK NOTE No. 9.
9/02: Response to Tony Erickson
Here I respond to criticism that, besides being insulting, makes assertions that are said to reflect the opinions of someone who is a genuine and well-informed scientist, but yet which are totally unjustified, as readers will surely agree.
8/01: Response to William Buick
Here I respond to the initiative taken by William Buick in compiling a computer program which operates using Windows to compute the zero-energy factor r/d, an essential initial step in my aether theory, as is evident from Tutorial No. 7, in these Web pages.
7/01: Response to John Winterflood
I here respond to criticism, admittedly justified, which has its origins in the Feedback Note 5/99 below.
6/01: Response to Gerald Lindley
Here I respond to criticism that finds expression by what I regard as 'shotgun tactics', not to be welcomed but accepted philosophically, having in mind that it is better than feeling one's work is being ignored.
5/99: Response to a Journalist
I was asked to comment on the future alternatives that might replace nuclear power and fossil fuel power sources. These are my thoughts.
4/98: Aether Structure Feedback from Allyn M Shell
This is my answer dated November 9, 1998 to a question raised by Allyn M Shell.

3/98: Message from Dave Gieskieng
This is a supplementary note sent on June 3, 1998 by Dave Gieskieng concerning his canyon experiments with a special antenna that exhibits unusual properties.

2/98: Answer to John Shelburne
This is my answer dated February 20, 1998 to a question raised by John Shelburne's E-Mail communication dated February 17, 1998.

1/97: Answers to Rickard Iberg
This is my answer dated September 30, 1997 to several questions raised in Rickard Iberg's E-Mail communication dated July 31, 1997.