This collection of Essays was written in the years 2000 and 2001. They were grouped as a separate series to facilitate revision of the author's website but are now of record as a basis for reference via links from commentary elsewhere in these web pages. Each Essay ends with a link to the next Essay and so they may be read in sequence. hopefully they will interest the reader.
ES2000 Are Aether Waves Real?

ES2001 Is there a Reacting Aether?

ES2002 The Constant of Gravitation

ES2003 The Theory of Gravitation

ES2004 The Swiss M-L Converter

ES2005 Unexplained Phenomenon

ES2006 Why Higgs?

ES2007 Cosmic Mud or Cosmic Muddle?

ES2008 Superconductivity and the Supergraviton

ES2009 Note on Superconductivity