The following is a paper by H. Aspden published in Electronics and Wireless World, p. 230 (1987).


Abstract: Laboratories monitoring earthquake tremors, as well as radio enthusiasts within a few hundred miles of regions prone to earthquakes, may find a radio technique backs up ether theory.

Commentary: This is an account of something observed by a radio enthusiast in Switzerland during a period before a quite disturbing earth tremor arrived owing to an earthquake not too far away in Italy.

M. Markert was working a little way from his house where his radio equipment was receiving an amplitude-modulated long wave transmission from a BBC station in England. So that he could follow this BBC programme while outside, Markert had his own local frequency-modulated retransmission facility and was receiving the station with a small portable receiver with clarity even though it was coming into his house as AM and being retransmitted as FM. Then the reception became distorted and Markert rushed back to his house to check the incoming AM signal. That was still coming in with clarity. Onward checking indicated that only the FM signal was distorted even though the AM signal was clear. Then the earthquake tremor struck and soon thereafter everything returned to normal. There was no fault with his equipment. His conclusion had to be that the effects of the earthquake were felt by the FM signal but not the AM signal!

My contribution in writing the subject paper was to point to this as evidence of the aether. A earthquake tremor involves bulk deployment of matter and I believe that the aether can be drastically disturbed by the sudden movement of matter. Now a very small movement of the lattice structure of the aether I describe in these Web pages can have a significant effect by distorting an FM radio signal but a judder of the electromagnetic reference frame would have little or no effect on the energy and so upon the signal carried by a long wave AM transmission. Accordingly, I see this phenomernon as observed by Markert as one more indication that there is a real aether.

This 1987 article in Electronics and Wireless World drew this to readers attention. I may add also that an insert in the body of the article was headed:

A Boost to Ether Theory?
It reads:
Readers may recall Dr. Aspden's earlier article "The ether - an assessment" in Wireless World. October [1982], if not his book Modern Aether Science. Though adherence to ether belief may seem futile, Dr. Aspden says he can now point to its predictive power.

There is currently no accepted explanation for the proton-electron mass ratio, but amongst Aspden's many scientific papers is "Calculation of the proton mass in a lattice model of the ether". By a major technological advance, the proton-electron mass ratio was recently measured to within a precision of 41 parts per billion, a severe test for the value given by ether theory. The authors of the experiment have acknowledged in their report that the value given by Dr. Aspden's theory was "remarkably close to the experimentally measured value (i.e. within two standard deviations)". They also said that this was "even more curious" taking into account that the theory was published several years before direct precision measurement of this ratio had begun.