The following is a paper by H. Aspden published in Lettere al Nuovo Cimento, v. 44, pp. 689-693 (1985).


Abstract: By taking account of the different field distributions of electric and magnetic field energy and assuming that their collective potential asserts action-at-a-distance forces, the equations of motion governing the electrodynamic action (Lorentz force) and the gravitational action (planetary perihelion advance) are deduced from the common and unifying equation of field potential.

Commentary: This paper is very important in summarizing the field unification of the author's theory. It was here that the author felt that the struggle against Einstein's theory had to end and it is curious, that this paper and the next related paper, were published together as the last papers at the very end of the last volume of Lettere al Nuovo Cimento which the Italian Institute of Physics published. The author had first submitted a paper to Lettere al Nuovo Cimento in 1979 and had had an escalating run of success thereafter in having his papers reviewed favorably. Fortunately, concerning onward development of the aether theory, as one door closed, another was to open, in the form of the Hadronic Journal, published by an organization, not wedded to Einstein's theory, located on the Cambridge Campus in Boston, USA.

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